Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Last update...

hey everyone, we're just a couple of weeks away from having a great reunion!

mindy orgain has offered to make us a little slideshow if she can put it together in time. if any of you have some pictures from high school that you would like for her to inclue, please email them to her at mouco01@yahoo.com.

money is due by this friday, may 15th! remember that if you don't pay by this friday, but are still planning on coming and paying at the door, then to let one of us know so that we order enough food!

final schedule (it's just to remind you, nothing's changed)

friday, may 29th: 8-10 meet and greet at lupes...come say hey and from there maybe we'll head out to someone's house or a bar or something :)

saturday, may 30th: 1:00 bring your family to the park and enjoy some pizza! make sure you bring your own drinks for you and your family.

saturday, may 30th: 6:00 holiday inn. dinner to be served around 7:00 and camille harp to begin around 9:00 cash bar availble

see you soon!


  1. I have three pictures of when I went to the prom. Two of which were during senior prom 1999 and the other was junior prom 1998. Would any of those be useful?

  2. Totally random - I linked to here from Cowboy Chronicles, which I've MISSED. Just worried you'd fallen off the face of the earth, glad to know you're alive & kicking.