Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Last update...

hey everyone, we're just a couple of weeks away from having a great reunion!

mindy orgain has offered to make us a little slideshow if she can put it together in time. if any of you have some pictures from high school that you would like for her to inclue, please email them to her at mouco01@yahoo.com.

money is due by this friday, may 15th! remember that if you don't pay by this friday, but are still planning on coming and paying at the door, then to let one of us know so that we order enough food!

final schedule (it's just to remind you, nothing's changed)

friday, may 29th: 8-10 meet and greet at lupes...come say hey and from there maybe we'll head out to someone's house or a bar or something :)

saturday, may 30th: 1:00 bring your family to the park and enjoy some pizza! make sure you bring your own drinks for you and your family.

saturday, may 30th: 6:00 holiday inn. dinner to be served around 7:00 and camille harp to begin around 9:00 cash bar availble

see you soon!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Updates and Clarifications

Hello! I hope everyone has gotten off to a great start on their Easter Sunday as I write this...

Just a few things to tell you...

1. We have decided on having pizza at the park. This will be provided by Great Plains National Bank. Please bring your own drinks for you and your family.

2. We have been asked what type of music does Camille Harp play? Well, my friends, she has many tricks in her bag and plays a wide variety of all types of music. She also takes alot of requests. Lyndi's favorite is when she busts out "Jane Says" by Jane's Addiction...you'll love her.

3. We've also been asked where is this going to be in the Holiday Inn? In the bar area or what? No, no, we have our own private room.

4. And last but not least...lots of people have sent their money in, have you? Remember it is $25 a person/ $50 a couple. You can make your checks out to Class of 99 Reunion and mail them directly to Great Plains National Bank at P.O. Box 488, Elk City, OK 73648. They mail the receipts to Lyndi and she's keeping up with who's paid. You could also mail your checks to Lyndi if you want and she'll take care of it. Her address is 1203 Lee Ave, Norman, Ok 73069. Remember to pay by May 15th!

See you soon! Please, please don't hesitate to call or email us with any questions, concerns, comments. We're looking forward to a big turnout and seeing everybody!

Sunday, March 29, 2009


The reunion is only a couple of months away now! We have some set times and prices for you as well as a couple of changes...

Friday night, May 29th: Meet and Greet at Lupes, upstairs from 8-10...this will be a come and go event to meet up with old friends and from there, who knows, the night is young! :) Everyone is responsible for their own food and drinks.

Saturday: We are unable to have golfing due to a golf tournament going on that morning...since our "men's" activity had to be cancelled, we have also cancelled our "ladies" activity-no ladies brunch anymore.

Saturday afternoon: Bring your whole family out to the park!!! Let's gather around 1:00, exact pavillion to announced later...Lyndi can't wait to see everyone's kiddos. :) We will have pizza or BBQ food available at no cost to you.

Saturday evening: People can start arriving at the Holiday Inn about 6:00, dinner to start at 7:00, followed by Camille Harp, an amazing singer from Norman who does alot of great covers as well as original music from 9-1. (She rocks! Check her out on myspace or at camilleharp.com) The cost of this event is $25 per person ($50 per couple) and that covers dinner, venue, and entertainment. There will also be a cash bar there as well. This is an adults only event. :)

An account has been set up at Great Plains National Bank. You can make your checks out to Class of 99 Reunion and mail them to P.O. Box 488, Elk City 73648 or you can go by the bank and pay with cash or check. Make sure that if you pay in cash, you specify who you are so they can write that on the receipt so we know who's paid. There will also be a paypal account set up and information on how to pay through it will be availble shortly. The bank will mail all receipts to Lyndi and that is how we will keep track of who has paid. It would be GREATLY HELPFUL to us if you could get your money in no later than May 15th!!! However, we want everyone to come so if you have to pay at the door, then OK. We MUST know by May 15th if you are planning on coming (even if you need to wait and pay at the door) so that we can give an accurate head count to Holiday Inn for the food. They are charging us by the person so if you say you are going to come, we are relying on you paying or we will be stuck with paying for extra food. So if you have to pay at the door, make sure you email one of us (contact info on the right) so we get enough food. But again, we are STRONGLY ENCOURAGING you to pay by May 15th. :) Any extra money that we may have left will be put into a savings account to be used for our 20th reunion.

If you are wanting to spend the night at the Holiday Inn on May 30th, there are plenty of rooms available as of now, but they could fill up quickly. Their phone number is 580 225 6637 if you want to call to reserve a room.

OK, friends, we can't wait to see you all! Please get your money in NO LATER THAN May 15th! Please spread the word to all our classmates! Email one of us with any questions or concerns.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Do You Talk To These Classmates?

We need help finding the following people. If you happen to talk to them or have their contact information, please either get in touch with them or tell us how. Either way, leave a comment so we can know they've been told or that we need to talk to them.

Also, let me know what you think of the site's new look.

amber ashmore
kimberly briscoe
latisha bush
kristi darling
kristi devorce
laura herdon
alan holder
heather lowrance
casey and cody meadows
michael simon
amanda thomas
justin twyman
marci willis

shane bodey
lesley brown
dennis campbell
mandi davie
heather dye
teri forsyth
mandi giblet
jd hoffman
andrea johns
dallas mccallum
randy mccloud
robbie noble
bambi parker
tony robbins
greg rogers
tambra vermillion
derek wilson

Wednesday, December 31, 2008

The Reunion Thus Far

Hey Classmates,
Well, Lyndi, DJ and I (with a heavy emphasis on Lyndi) have been busy planning our reunion. The weekend is set is stone as the last weekend in May, the 29-31. The BIG event with be Saturday, May 30 at the Holiday Inn in Elk City. Discounts will be available on room rates for those with us. The plans thus far are:

Meet and Greet at Lupes (time still pending)

Golf early that morning (time still pending). If you want to golf, we will need to give an estimated number to the Country Club a few weeks ahead of time. DJ is spearheading this deal-o.

Also, a ladies luncheon will be held at Art and Jan Harri's house.

That Saturday afternoon, we plan to rent the Carousel and train at the park to introduce our families. This is a kid-friendly event. We may have ice cream or pizza. (time still pending)

Pre-party dinner at Holiday Inn followed by band and good times at Holiday Inn. Time's still aren't completely set, but we are thinking starting the buffet style meal at 7 and then the party from 9-1. Holiday Inn will provide a bartender, so whatever you want to drink will be available.

I still need to talk to the head dude at the Holiday Inn, but it looks like the meal will be $15 a piece. As for the price on everything else, we will be able to have a better estimate as we start getting RSVPs for attendance, but Lyndi has worked very hard to get sponsorship to cut down on the price while giving us an awesome reunion. Thanks, Lyndi.

We really want to encourage you to leave your comments here.