Wednesday, December 31, 2008

The Reunion Thus Far

Hey Classmates,
Well, Lyndi, DJ and I (with a heavy emphasis on Lyndi) have been busy planning our reunion. The weekend is set is stone as the last weekend in May, the 29-31. The BIG event with be Saturday, May 30 at the Holiday Inn in Elk City. Discounts will be available on room rates for those with us. The plans thus far are:

Meet and Greet at Lupes (time still pending)

Golf early that morning (time still pending). If you want to golf, we will need to give an estimated number to the Country Club a few weeks ahead of time. DJ is spearheading this deal-o.

Also, a ladies luncheon will be held at Art and Jan Harri's house.

That Saturday afternoon, we plan to rent the Carousel and train at the park to introduce our families. This is a kid-friendly event. We may have ice cream or pizza. (time still pending)

Pre-party dinner at Holiday Inn followed by band and good times at Holiday Inn. Time's still aren't completely set, but we are thinking starting the buffet style meal at 7 and then the party from 9-1. Holiday Inn will provide a bartender, so whatever you want to drink will be available.

I still need to talk to the head dude at the Holiday Inn, but it looks like the meal will be $15 a piece. As for the price on everything else, we will be able to have a better estimate as we start getting RSVPs for attendance, but Lyndi has worked very hard to get sponsorship to cut down on the price while giving us an awesome reunion. Thanks, Lyndi.

We really want to encourage you to leave your comments here.


  1. Im looking forward to seeing everyone again, and meeting their new families. I still can'e believe it has been 10 years. That is insane

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